December 28, 2009


One of my crazy detailing friends always quote ''SHOW ME YOUR WORK''

now this one of those work, I want to show......not just only show off ...but must told off

did 2 full days of heavy correction & free as another appointment was called
so i am free & avail to do some work..............these are my working boot, otherwise i would not dare to go onto the muddy slimy ground....there is always a tool for everything

APC agitating the earth

did some heavy stuff - 4 hours of sweat

Brushing off

brushed off

now Megs Gold class - vinyl & rubber detailer

works miracle for me 50/50 pics

Megs Gold class - vinyl & rubber detailer

the most shinny pair of working boots in the world

another 50/50 on 1 side & another finish pics

Morning pics
Megs Gold class - vinyl & rubber detailer

Megs Gold class - vinyl & rubber detailer awards winning

My Mission was to clear off my back yard, weeds & roots growing accessibly wild

started off at 2pm

complete in 4 hours

cleared total of 2-3inches of soil (earth) with grown roots....66 foots X 10 foot wide earth was removed...i scope up 1 truck load of earth

Just started work, a minutes later it rain horrendously & i had to make a quick decision, whether should i continue or i was just weighing the consequences, some how it clicks me..... just like detailing

there are many times, when i see my clients car....considering should i hit & run ...or face the giant....get it corrected & finish

there are many moments i wanted to walk away by closing one eyes...but my inner man always challenge me to complete the it well

as the heavy down pour continues, many moment giving excuses to myself to stop, but stood tall & complete this task,

as i was doing it I challenge myself , this is another detailing....the rain actually was a blessing, as i move the roots of the weeds its washes the mud down.......4 full hours straight ....

to me detailing is not just showing off, it where u put your heart into the hand to get things transformed.....

90% of survival is in your head & 10 % is just on circumstances

''Your attitude determine the altitude" where your heart is, your treasure is found

My challenge is it just showing off & get it done

after pics




had a quick i skipped my lunch & come to try out Megs APC
50/50 pics & BRUSHING OFF......did some experience

MA MA MIA AFTER look at the gloss

did another 50/50



mama mia...APC works wonders





looking for paint popping

found none....but i found this on my hood
thanks to megs chemist making my day sweet other is always dull

mama mia still shining

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