September 7, 2009

Meguairs PRC making over again

Meg's M105 + PRC D151 is a powerful combination for extreme make over

As some I wrote that i will be off to spend time with my 2 beauties, ended detailing 2 rides.
It was just sat, both my colleague & wife asking me' aren't you detailing any rides this weekend?'

Nope, as i will be spending some time with my daughters, just before the clock struck 12 midnight, i secretly SMS one of my youth, telling him i had a slot for a quick detailing, quietly drove out on Sunday morning to take his ride home. My wife smiles, knowing me.

Detailing i cant resist

Pic before

unknown stains

What did i do?
Quick rinse off
2 bucket wash + APC (to get rid any current waxes)
Side door trim wash by APC & brushes
Interior wipe down & gold class interior
M105 with double sided wool
D151 (my champion) with single sided wool & pad
NXT 2.0
Wipe down with Ultimate quik detailers

look like a roller blade on the roof

this is new newly bought ride, 6 years ride, repainted, plenty of swirls on the roof & scratches , water marks & whitish stains

number 1 enemy of the state (paint)



after detailed cleaning

clean interior door

interior detailing


unknown causes, whitish stains , paint marring

more pics

more defects

Real work began (M105 with double sided wool)



after 50/50

undone sites

another 50/50


look at the paint defects (like fungus)






Pics, just before the Tyre hit the road again



beautifully yours again

before it was all scratches

now it is like driving a new ride without paying for a new installment

i like the reflections

i like the reflections

i like the reflections

i like the reflections

i like the reflections

i like the reflections

obviously the owner name

gold class interior details

thanks to barry & the waxtologist scientist for this great invention again

thanks again for taking your precious time to view
i hope u enjoy as much as i enjoy detailing & sharing

Feed back & comment highly appreciated

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