We had another hands on intense paint correctional class yesterday, another crash course - learning how to be a one day pilot

lesson start with washing - the car correctly - ONR

some young participant

some mature participants - on hands for paint correction - heavy stuff

paint before correction - after wash & clay

unavoidable swirls , RIDS & water mark

before pic

mostly contributed by the choice of cloths - esp - good morning cotten terry towel - ta da

as for me - i would choose plushy microfibers towel - contaminant pick during wash

surface contaminant pick during clay

otherwise it will be push further in when correctional carried out - removing the root cause

cheapest & best QD around - dilutables- for clay

the balance of ONR - left used for wheels washing

a 50/50 % compassionate before & after from left angle

paint issue - to be corrected

what we did was to segregate a few areas to test out the product & how it react over certains machine reaction
1st area for waxing with rotary

2nd area for consumer product with DA- basic polisher

wax applied prior polish

on rotary???

our host is given a chance to kick start 1st

2nd area for consumer range product

our pro - amateur detailer to be 2nd in line

look at the 123 steps of applications - in sequence

massage in like KBM - 3/4 twist with yr pure hands -

master at work

paint condition - there is much more much more paint damages that is unable to pick uo by our cameras


3rd contestant on rotary - with optimum hyper spray compound

lastly me - on rotary - with optimum hyper spray compound & stepping down from wool - cutting- polishing & finishing

results unveiling
one by one

product well worked out'

product test - swipe with yr finger to test whether the products worked out properly or not

1st area Wax with china make rotary???

hologram was visible once we remove the wax

2nd area consumer range product



visible cuts is still there

moving on the 3rd area - optimum hyper spray compound - with LC cutting pad & rotary

results unveils -
results base on the level of correction, gloss restored & clarity with depth

1st area
wax with machines

lack of correction & gloss & very little clarity

2nd area consumer (OTC) product with DA

better but lack of clarity & definition

3rd area Optimum hyper spray compound with LC cutting pad with makita

the 4th area - done with optimum hyper spray compound through out till finishing - with makita
wool - cutting pad- polishing pad - finishing pad
one product finish

a compilation picture

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

now mastering in rotary class

serious lesson going on

look how intense each participants is

mamamia - look at the finishing product

IPA - wipe down prior opti seal & wax

now the car is protected by Opti seal & Optimum car wax

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________
ta da pics


after wax by rotary


gloss restore

eleggantly yours



Dog scratches after remove - iwill get the before pic for u

more after dog scratches remove

possible pic

__________________________________________________ _____________________________________

2nd area consumer range product



visible cuts is still there

before pic


making sure trails are always left for you to follow

remember to bring yr pen & paper the next time when ever you join a detailing lesson making sure
trials of gold nuggets are written down
choose this day
which finishing you like on your ride

have a great week ahead'

Happy New year