June 29, 2010

Volk wagen Golf GTI 2010 OPTI COATED by KC & Seech

Alienized coated GTI 2010 volkwagen Golf, By KC & Seech

This sixth-generation GTI follows a tradition begun in 1976, when Volkswagen unveiled a hopped-up version of the Golf, which later came to the U.S. as the Rabbit GTI. Much has changed in 33 years

0-to-62 mph in 6.9 seconds, on this 2010 Golf and that seems credible

GTI engine is a marvel. It pulls strongly at any revs and will spin the tires at will, backed by a sweet exhaust bellow emphasized by a "sound generator" for the entertainment factor

TOGWT on the side skirt

TOGWT on the emblem


wheel prior detailing (pics before)

my Alien Juice

Sprayed on Alien egg no rinse wash juice

Agitated & dirt loosen

Alien Multi purpose cleaner juice & brushing to loose dirt

caliper , lossening & brushing away cake dust


tires agitated by Alien Multi purpose cleaner juice & brushing to loose dirt

rinse away with water

ta da

tad a

claying time

lube with alien no rinse (dilution 2 ounces to 800 ML water)

cant imagine

it is only less than a week old & just detail prior delivery & the amount of dirt picked up

polished pictures…prior coating

we have to make sure every imperfection is corrected prior coating

rear bumper

a frame before


some trick shown by Sifu seech...tricks of the trade
some TOGWT ( the other guy wax/polish )left behind

lower rear lids...by just an eraser

more TOGWT

ta da

side body before detail

alienized power clean juice

ta da

side body

tad a

a little sun shot pics

rear top hood

Alien coating

some finishing pics

tad a

wheel details pics

after pics

lower body pics

side pics

detail side mirror

tad a pics



front grill

rear look

light test

a & d frame now


tuned up rear led back light

thanks for viewing again

another alien egg juice no rinse wash

another alien egg juice no rinse wash on the wheels

when rain came

look at the instant water beading

also quick detail by alien

3rd car i detail prior rushing home to deliever 3 rotaries & corrected another 3 cars

manhy months not polish & plenty of stains

alien egg juice wash
alien power clean
rinse off with H20
alien egg juice wash
quick wax

total 6 cars in a day...3 days later i could bearly lift up my arms & had a minimal feeling of my arms too

how did i do it...alien did it


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  3. alien is out of the world
    As some called me by that


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